About us

Welcome to Classy Puppers!

You as a pup parent want the best for your pupper and so do we! Classy Puppers is a one stop shop for all your pet needs. We offer premium pet apparel, pet accessories, pet toys, high quality handmade bandanas and bows. Wether your shopping for a gift for your pet friend or simply want to dress your fur baby in stylish pet wear... This is definitely the place for you!

 Our Story

Classy Puppers started out more as a hobby. We really enjoyed dressing up and photographing our puppy Lulu in different outfits and bandanas. We’d then post her photos on her Instagram account just for fun. It’s so amazing how close the pet community is on Instagram.

Through the great friendships we made on Instagram, we began to gift our bandanas to some of our friends and the feedback was incredible. We were inspired and encouraged by them and that’s when we decided to create our own handmade dog bandanas and bows for the public.

The response has been amazing and we are so proud to be a part of the wider pet lovers community on creating ways to express and blog their pet’s personalities online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer premium items for your pupper. Our handmade bandanas and bows are made with passion and commitment to pure quality.  All of the products available on our online shop have been tested on our own pups so that we can guarantee the quality of every product available to you.

Thank you for choosing Classy Puppers!

Please tag us on Instagram #classypuppers @classypuppers so we can see your adorable puppers in our dog wear!